Sometimes You’re the Windshield, Other Times the Bug

I adore my child, which makes days like today incredibly hard. I was really doing well, thinking what a great parent I was. Oh, how the mighty fall. After going to Zoey’s classroom to read Where’s My Mummy, we headed to Target to buy Easter basket gifts for my niece and nephew. I’m still winning mom of the year at this point. We make it past the dollar section and head toward the holiday area and…bam…burp from the toddler. Seconds later I’m running through Target with a kid puking all over me. Trust me, I was mortified (and grossed out). After 20 minutes in the bathroom, I walked out to apologize. The 20-something Target employee standing there said “don’t worry about it,” and he seemed to mean it. It absolutely meant the world to me. What’s my point? Everyone has bad days. The most significant thing is how you–YOU–react to those who are having problems. I will be calling the St. Charles, MO, Target management to say thanks and commend their staff. And to that sweet guy outside the bathroom, thanks for being patient and sanitizing whatever I missed.