Thanks for stopping by. If you clicked this link, you must want to know more about me so here it goes…

I’m a St. Louis-based freelance writer with an insatiable appetite for all thing fashion. It only makes sense, though, since I was practically raised in a shoe store and then spent the better part of my adult life writing for footwear companies. Things were going well and I was climbing the corporate ladder at breakneck pace until Mother Nature threw me a curve by way of a bouncing baby girl. After nearly 9 months of putting Zoey in a daycare for 12 hours a day only to hear I still wasn’t putting in enough time at work, I quit. Yep, just like that. I’m not a particularly glass-half-full type of person but I do trust my gut. My gut told me to go home and figure out how to make it as a WAHM (work at home mom). There have been ups and downs but I think this is all working out for the best. And, man, have I learned some things that I would’ve never learned sitting in a dreary office.

After writing blogs and marketing materials for everyone else, I decided to put my own voice out there. This blog is me. I’m doing it for myself but if it helps or inspires someone else, all the better. If you just can’t get enough of me, feel free to check out my contributions at StyleBakeryMom.com, Spa-Sensations.com, NightTherapyMattresses.com, and Vivon.com.



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