Life is like a box of chocolates

Our series of last hurrahs in the St. Louis area included a trip to Hermann, MO, on Thursday, just an hour or so outside St. Charles county. It’s part of Missouri’s wine country, and the wine is actually quite good as a whole. I know for a fact that it stinks living in this tiny town but for a day, it’s wonderfully quaint. Anytime we go, chocolates from Ricky’s Chocolate Box are required. My favorite is the Toffee Turtle. I’m pretty disciplined when it comes to sweets but these are like crack. Seriously…crumbs are inhaled just like the toffee and caramel. I thought it was worth sharing. Seriously, anything that entices me to eat 1000 calories (I’m assuming) in a sitting warrants a share. If you ever crave decadence, look up this place. They seem to specialize in turtles of every size, shape and flavor, but I kid you not when I say everything is fantastic. Well, everything except the bug-shaped chocolate with the pistachio filling, which looks exactly like a squished bug when you take a bite. Yeah, I can’t get past this one.



Toffee Turtles

20120429-181746.jpg heaven


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