As it Turns Out, I’m Superwoman…Running and Ear Infections

I fell off the treadmill a few days ago. No, that isn’t a euphemism for complete failure. I literally stumbled off the treadmill. In hindsight, that was the first clue that I had two big ol’ ear infections but, like every mother, you pretend you aren’t sick until it’s practically time to call the CDC. So I’m walking for a few days. It’s about all I can do to keep a 3 mph stride; Amoxicillin should fix that soon. I’ve actually received messages asking how the running was coming, so I felt like I owed a recap to some of you.

Now it’s time for a funny observation. I realized today that I am actually Superwoman (and I bet you are, too, if you are reading this). Before having a child, I did get an ear infection every now and then. I. Was. Wiped. Out. I’m talking on my back, writhing in pain, crying for my mother (okay, maybe she was already there that one time but I still asked for her). Post-baby? I clean the floors. I feed, bathe and dress said child. I go grocery shopping. I write contract and non-contract blog entries. And I do it all with not one but two raging ear infections.

Superman may be able to save Gotham but I’m pretty sure the fate of the world rests on mothers.

Now I’m off to my Fortress of Solitude (aka the shower) for 10 minutes of peace and quiet. I’ll be back with prettier content in a day or so!


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